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I develop games and applications.

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What I do


A while ago (from 2012 to 2017), I was making maps using Valve Hammer Editor for Source Engine (Half-Life mods like Counter-Strike). Some maps have been never published, but some remains on GameBanana (links below).


I am currently working on a lot of game projects. This included AI work on Unity Engine, but then it became really focused on Unity projects as I made a game available on mobile store. I am still anyway waiting/working for Source 2 as this is my favorite engine.


I created some scripts on the Garry’s Mod game, a game which is using Source engine. Some scripts are available for free on the Steam Workshop, some others are available on a paid store. This was a huge part in my life – this launched my career (money + experience).


I always wanted people to learn by providing them tools to do that. I created a course 5 years ago to learn GLua (Garry’s Mod Lua code) for French people. This course considers you start from zero, as you will see explanations about variables, loops, functions, timers, but also more advanced concepts as events, UI and data saving (‘custom json’ syntax + SQLite).

What I like


Created a game with friends 6 years ago for school – also using it for some tasks related to Tensorflow for AI or related to RiscV for compiler (lexer/parser/interpretor).


Made some quick websites to automate some operations (mailing / auth system). This is a language I’d love to learn more, but there are so many tools, so many frameworks like Laravel which have too much potential I have not explored entirely yet.


This is my favorite programming language as I use it when working for Unity. I love the way the language is working and how powerful it is. I plan to use it even more with the work I want to do for Source Engine 2.


Also loving this one (with C#) as I made a looot of projects in Java. They were the basics when I did not know anything about OOP. I sometimes have to use it for Android Studio projects, or for a few Swing apps.

What I know


I need and I love to use SQL for every database project – some projects I make are in PHP where I use MySQL and some others are GLua productions where I need to deal with SQLite.


C(++) language is really cool to use, as this is by far the most powerful language. I’d have to admit that for some tasks it is so optimized to manage everything with C, even if this is not my favourite one. I also used Qt to make some projects using C++.


A lot of my products are made using this language.


I made like 15 hours of MongoDB. I know the basis.

Marketplace Fact

More than 3,000 sales

Currently a curator to verify script submissions at gmodstore.com/

More than 1,000 tickets managed

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July 2019 – September 2021

Unity developer – mobile game


Working for a Unity game to celebrate the century of the company. The game is available on the Google Play Store.

July 2015 – July 2019

Database manager


I work during the summer for this French company since 2015 as I am studying the other months of the year. I managed databases on Microsoft Access, then in a SaaS called DAMAaaS in Lyon, France. I also reorganized some stuff of the company with Microsoft Server 2012 and Excel. This was a so cool experience for beginners!

Apr 2020 – Jun 2020

Mobile Application Developer


I worked to make a proper mobile application using Unity. The idea was to make scoliosis-related work in 3 months, where you could estimate if children have a scoliosis sign. The application should be available worldwide for iOS and Android, but has been delayed because it needs validation by experts.

Since 2015

Freelance job


My freelance job is to make gmodstore addons available on a marketplace, as well as developing applications for some companies.


Next degree

Master degree

Artificial Intelligence

My studies will end with a master degree, with a dedicated specialty for Artificial Intelligence. The degree will end in 2023.

Last degree obtained

Bachelor degree

Reached a bachelor degree in Computer Science.

Coding Skills







Software Skills


Valve Hammer Editor

Unreal Engine

Vegas Pro




CITYBUS SCRIPT – 05/24/2018

A really great developers he deserve every $ from his ultimates scripts!
when i first found a bug he quickly respond to the ticket and helped me out and fixed it as soon as possible he could! he is really a great Content Creator and his scripts are easy to use and to config and are great for darkrp servers!


RADAR SCRIPT – 02/23/2017

Fantastic addon with quick support. I would highly recommend purchasing this addon if not others by Diablos. My players highly enjoy all of Diablos scripts and wish to see more servers using them.

Admiral Mirage

BRACELET SCRIPT – 02/28/2018

This is a super fun script to mess with. Honestly, the creator is super friendly and replied fast to my question, and the script looks nice, and is overall extremely fun to have on your server! A must add!


[2021] AI project with cars [Qt+C++]

[2019] The Great Escape Remake – AI Based project [UE4]

[2020] Tennis system [Java Swing+UML]

[2018] DE4DTeam – DE4DNONYMOUS [Python]

[2019-2021] First videogame! ARG [Unity]

[2020] Scoliosis medicine app [Unity]

Source 1 maps

[2017] French GLua course

Garry’s Mod addons