[2019-2021] First videogame! ARG [Unity]

All Retorts Game, known as ARG, is the first videogame I had to make for a French company!
Play store description is:
The iconic game of Lagarde Autoclaves, allowing to live the history of the company, is available for free!
This game allows you to discover the story of Lagarde Autoclaves from 1921 to the very future of the company. It includes 7 levels which are mini-games lasting from 1 to 3 minutes to give you a score, which allows you to unlock the following levels until you get the right ending if you manage to complete all the levels successfully!
The levels follows a moment in history through an emblematic person in the history of the company, who are:

* 1921 [The Birth with Louis Lagarde]
* 1950s [Autoclaves with Joseph Lagarde]
* 1972 [The invention by Gérard Champel]
* 1983 [The rebirth with August Graeber]
* 2002 [A new factory by Denis Ranchon]
* 2021 [A century anchor: Lagarde Autoclaves]
* 2035 [A future to come: All Retorts]

This game doesn’t have any ad or any paid content.


This game has been made during my summer time and school holidays since 2019 – I use some free assets taken here and there of course, especially for the 3D models. The major work has been made in home-office, since I had no interest into working at the company as I am the only creator.
Everything is written in the credits.