[2020] Scoliosis medicine app [Unity]

This project has been made when I worked 3 months for a company which was in need of an application who can detect or atleast indicate to you if your child has a scoliosis or not.

As we can’t consider you have a scoliosis or not, this looks like an indicator for the parents to know if they need to see a specialized doctor.

The application has been made during the COVID-19 pandemic – therefore I have worked in home-office for the entire duration of the project as this was from April to June. We used Microsoft Teams for the meeting with specialized doctors to collect opinions before publishing the app.

Due to an annual council of doctors dedicated to scoliosis who takes place in November, the application has not been published when I worked for them. Then, they decided to work again on it to ensure they have the right to publish this one on both the App Store / Play Store.

The application uses some cameras and gyroscopic systems, so we wanted to do everything inside the same engine like Unity to avoid remaking the code twice for iOS and Android.

This was a great experience – I already made Unity stuff during Summer 2019 so I already knew how to use it, thus I taught things to some of my friends who also worked for that company. I’m waiting for the application to be available one day…




Proteor developer account on Google Play Store