[2018] DE4DTeam – DE4DNONYMOUS [Python]

The idea was to create a Python game based on a labyrinth 2D with an incremental difficulty the more you pass levels.
The idea is quite simple, but this leads a bit of optimization to use the Pygame library (we decided to use it against Tkinter). At first it was intended to make something really easy but then we considered adding more difficulty the more you are in a high level, with only one life. The enemy can attack you and use the known right-hand rule to go to you. The generation is made using a known algorithm available on Stackoverflow, and modified a bit to fill the Python syntax.
We no more work together anymore, this website was part of the project to « sell » our idea but nothing more. In this project I was the « administrator » of the project as I was the person who had the more knowledges in our team for game development & website.


The source code of the project can be found on the website dedicated to our team, as this was a school project when we were rookies so it is used for some beginners to see how things work.