[2019] The Great Escape Remake – AI Based project [UE4]

This project was a school project of 1 year and a half, from the UML to the final presentation. We were initially a group of 5, but then this turned into a group of 2 people, where I was the project manager and the person who manages the Artificial Intelligence part.

I had the idea of remaking a unknown game on PS2 called « The Great Escape » – of course it is more a movie than a videogame. This is a videogame I have seen a few years ago, I created the wikipedia page about the game in 2014*, and then I had the idea to remake it one time. I wanted to remake the level, which I did with my level design skills, then I was dedicated to the AI stuff (as well as the lock system, time system, etc.).

This project was a good idea at first – but the lack of 3D models is making it unrealistic in a hand, and in the other hand a perfect AI stuff with different AI characters would need much more time – and it was not planned that I work alone on it.