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Languages on my addons

Updated 19th September 2022

The languages on my addons are no longer stored on this website, and then no more fetched by your Garry’s Mod servers. This has been changed a few months ago with an update where the languages files are directly included with the addon, so that you won’t have any down time. There is no point to keep that fetch feature as my addons will mostly never receive a lot of updates.

To get the available languages for your addons, open the lua/ folder of my addon, then open the addon name folder (« gate« , « radar« , etc.), then the languages/ folder. The files is in this folder are the languages available. Your Language variable in the config file should have the same string than the file name (without its extension). For example, if you see a « german.lua » file, you can set the Language variable value to « german ».

If you have any issue with the language system, please open a support ticket through GModStore.