about me

What I do


From 2012 to 2017, I was making maps using Valve Hammer Editor for Source Engine (Half-Life mods like Counter-Strike). Some maps have been never published – but some are still on GameBanana (links below).


I worked on a lot of game projects – from AI work on Unity Engine to Unity applications and also a game available on mobile store. I am still anyway waiting/working for Source 2 for further development.


I have created some products on Garry’s Mod – some are available for free on the Steam Workshop, but my best ones are available in a marketplace. This launched my career with my first experiences and the first salaries.


I always wanted people to learn by providing them tools to do that. I created a course 7 years ago to learn GLua (Garry’s Mod Lua code) for French people. This course considers you start from zero in coding.

What I like


Created a game with friends 6 years ago for school using PyGame. Used it for compiler (lexer/parser/interpretor) stuff with RiscV, and AI task like Tensorflow. I am now using it a lot for spaCy.


Made some quick websites to automate some operations (mailing / auth system). I used it for Doctrine (ORM), and I am now only using it for its power when combined with frameworks like Laravel.


Used it when making Unity products. I love the way the language is working and how powerful it is. I plan to use it even more with the work I want to do for Source Engine 2, and especially s&box.


Made a lot of projects in Java. Used it for Swing when I was a rookie then for Android Studio projects, but I am now using it daily for my job in Research & Analytics. My preferred language at the moment.

What I know


Basically using it for all the little projects which are using database – some web projects where I use MySQL and some others are GLua productions where I need to deal with SQLite.


C(++) language is really cool to use – I used Qt to make some projects using C++. However, this is far from being my preferred language.


A lot of my products are made using this language, especially the GLua derivated language. A powerful language, however not enough powerful to like it anymore.


Used for my Research & Analytics work with Kibana as we have huge data to manage. Still learning complex requests, but this search engine has much potential. They are tools I like to use.

Marketplace Fact

More than 4,000 sales

More than 1,100 tickets managed

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